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Why Gestalt?
People pay lip service to communication. They consider the three main elements of communication (visual, auditory and tactile) but they rarely pay attention to all three media.

Gestalt Communications is about delivering information to your clients in a way that maximises the opportunity for your audience to walk away with the message you want them to receive.

How Gestalt?
Have you ever sat through death by PowerPoint? Did you walk out asking “why didn’t they just give me the handouts instead of reading them to me?”

Modern technology can actually help you communicate but too often presenters just fall back to screen after screen of bullet points.

Gestalt’s approach is to consider all three communication elements and help you not just reach but move your audience.

What Gestalt?
Gestalt Communications delivers high quality communication services including writing, presenting, training and seminars. The founder, Anthony Caruana has worked in the Australian media for several years contributing to many newspapers, magazines and has made several appearances on national TV shows. We have worked with major international companies on defining and delivering their message through professional copywriting services and have an extensive network of partners to supplement our skills. We also conduct media training so that when you're in front of the camera or microphone you're ready to deliver your story.

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